September 14, 2005

Server down? No problem! Let's all bash our tyrant leader, Brade:




Sorry, Anno



We did not take a proper Rag photo last time:


Thats all I could edit at 5 minutes notice. People should send some cool screenshots, that would own. Cheers to server downtime!



August 30, 2005

For the newcomers that do not know what Rommeled means, here is a quick 45 second video that explains it all.

Now on to the update...

As any guild will tell you, you progress through Molten Core by learning an encounter, dying, retrying, and winning. You chalk up a victory and move on to learn the next big fight. As you reach the end of the core, you finally come up against the boss man and are treated to a rude awakening.

Ragnaros is not linear to the rest of the bosses in Molten Core. He's in a league all of his own. When you face him for the first time you quickly find out that your guild's fire resists as a whole are complete shit. Your ranged damage is flying through the air like a Cirque de Soleil troop, your healers are screaming bloody murder over their depeleted mana bars, and your tanks are wearing aluminum foil in a Betty Crocker E-Z Bake oven. In a surprisingly short time Ragnaros has splattered your raid over his lair and is smoking a fat, post-coital cigar.

So you try and cobble the most fire resist gear together that you can, enter into the lair with your balls in hand once more, and declare this shall be the time Ragnaros falls. Repeat the above, and light up another cigar. Ragnaros requires quality gear that ALSO has fire resist attached to it.

At the end of our last attempt on the weekend, we failed with Ragnaros at 10%. Our alchemists were working like Santa's fucking elves to make enough potions to duct tape our raid together long enough to not fly apart before Rag actually died. With Sunday as an off day, more weeds were pulled out of the ground for home brewing that I'm surprised they didn't get arrested for trafficking in illegal substances.

Monday night, first try, Ragnaros fell. Monolith entered the core with only 14 healers and 26 other people who wanted nothing more than to beat the big flaming bastard into a small slag heap. It was a long time coming, and a well deserved win.

Now, someone call fucking Jerry Lewis and cancel our telethon for gimped gamers, cause we're back in the saddle again.

(Corpse poofed just as I took the screenshot. Word.)







Muctar! Erm... I'm in trouble, aren't I?

Warlock pants! No link cause some slacker did not send me a tell.



(I had not anticipated another update so soon and I blew my whole wad of quotes last update. Work with me guys!)


The epitome of laziness: