October 15, 2006

Finally, for the love of Christ

For those of you who read our updates, like all 2 of you, it's rather self-evident there hasn't been one in a while. The reason for that is simple. We haven't killed jack shit in a while. Why, you may ask? Because we've been beating our heads up against the wall without wearing our safety helmets, and on real quiet nights, you can actually hear us getting dumber.

And so I segue into our learning of the C'thun fight. The boss whose trash leading up to him is so obscene it should have loot at the end as if it were a boss mob unto itself. This trash is so heinous, I've actually categorized it as a disease. C'thun trash disease. And man, let me tell you when we were clearing to C'thun, you'd be shocked how many members of this guild suddenly came down with this dreadful illness. "Off to bed," "Gotta go," "I gotta go do something...else," were some of the many symptoms we saw of C'thun trash disease.

Despite these slack bastard sons of bitches with C'thun trash disease, we still regularly cleared up to the big ass eyeball so we could offer up our gold to the repair bot mafia. "Wipe and run back," became the most common phrase for this fight because it's a little different than any other fight in this game. Other bosses have enough leeway that any guild's core could carry them through. C'thun, however, requires that all 40 people have their heads OUT of their asses, and paying attention at all times.

So, with our heads firmly screwed on and enough consumables to sink a battleship, we finally managed to kill this giant son of a bitch.

Shit, I'm glad that's over. Now to go spend our money learning something else. Oh, and buy a new set of speakers. I think the guild blew mine out with the victory shouts over Vent.





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