I can’t believe we said no to free beer!


What?!  Haven’t you ever seen Tremors?  If not, your assignment – should you choose to accept it – is to hit your nearest blockbuster and rent this Kevin Bacon classic!  Because I’ll be damned if Magmaw doesn’t look like a red version of those giant worms from that movie!  In fact, I wonder if Magmaw is the linking factor for WoW in six degrees of Kevin Bacon!


Sorry, got a little side tracked there!  Where were we again?  Ah, yes, Magmaw.  After much discussion, a few nights working out all the kinks, and a heartbreaking 2.6% wipe on Thursday – we came in tonight to finish the job.  And not only did we deliver up one giant fried worm, but we went on to clear out the rest of the zone (Jontaxe, Caltric misses you!).  There was much rejoicing, and gloves to be had by all!  And, of course, celebratory bacon.  ahem!

Great work tonight everyone!

(Screenies and Quotes after the break – and trust me…this one’s worth the click through!)

Heroic Magmaw


A while back one of our warriors was fairly seriously injured at work. Being from Canada, we knew that there were only a few professions that he could partake in to cause the kind of injury that he sustained. After much discussion, we finally reached a conclusion about exactly how Chadly injured himself.

Now, Chadly tried to vehemently deny that a tragic lumber jacking accident was the cause of his woes, but I have proof!

Not to fret, though, Chadly! I also happened to find a picture of your house! Complete with butler and golf cart! (Yet still missing the mini-fridge next to your desk, I am sorry to say).

Of course, now that everyone has seen evidence of the mansion I only thought it fair that I shared your raiding attire with them.

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