Heroic Rag 620

I’ve been sitting staring at my keyboard for the past two hours trying to think about what to say in this space.  Honestly, I’ve been writing for so long about not killing Ragnaros, that I’m at a bit of a loss on what to say now that we’ve killed them.  I think that it’s still trying to sink in.  We started this journey back on September, 1.  When we started it we told people it was going to be hard.  We told people it was going to not only push us as a guild, but as individuals as well.  We told people that it was going to take determination and patience to persevere.

And, on the long road between then and now, there were casualties.

But now, some 388 pulls later (and yes, Stella and Chaos, that number does include those times you tickled Rag before the tank) we have managed to cross the finish line.  Sitting here now, I’m not even quite sure how it happened.  I just remember thinking that we had killed that second meteor, and almost everyone in the raid was still alive.  I just remember looking at the delugers and seeing that they were still kicking.  I just remember panicking as three new dreadflames spawned right behind the frost patch the raid was standing in.  I remember moving to that final frost patch and everything else is kind of a blur.

This fight pushed us as a team.  And yet, if someone asks me if it was worth it, I would say “yes”.  If someone asks me if I had any regrets, I would say “only one – that I couldn’t have all 35 of our raid members in for that first kill”.  Because the truth of the matter is that it wasn’t the 25 people in the raid that made this possible – it was the combined effort of everyone who spent even one night wiping to this fight and returning the next night for more.   It was the faith of the friends and family members that watched every night for the guild chat spam, and continued to send their encouragement when it didn’t come.

In the end, this isn’t about the kill.  It’s about holding together as a team and accomplishing the challenges put in front of us.  And for that, I don’t think there are words to tell you how proud I am of all of you.

All I have left to say is bring on 4.3!

Realm First Heroic Ragnaros

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There were many things that were said between our last update and this one! Most of which likely came back on one of our many run backs from the Firelands graveyard! Enjoy! :)

Beru is from the hood, y’all!

Somehow assigning sides for sons was never as simple as one might think…

Which is why we were required to bring in the professionals.

Of course, not everyone always agreed with our “strategy discussion” format (p.s. FU Dend!)

There was also apparently a lot of sexual tension (I’m not sure I even want to know…)

Harry Potter what?

And I’m fairly certain our moonkins (and moonkin impersonators…) were finding alternative ways to relieve stress!

Apparently, somewhere along the way Brade found something he’d lost around the time of Vanilla’s launch.

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